Drum trips & Energy treatments with a free horse

EQUITRANCE: combining drum and horse medicine

Trained in the art of drumming and shamanism by Laetita MERLI, I adapted her teachings to a practice in the great outdoors accompanied by a free horse. I have been practicing what I call Equitranse for over 2 years and my mare Kari des Sources has proven to be exceptionally gifted for this work. She actively participates in this protocol that we have co-created over time. She is today my preferred partner for these individual sessions.

Drum Journeys and Open-air Energy Treatments
accompanied by a free horse

The trip to the Drum allows us to explore our unconscious and begin a journey towards better self-knowledge.

In an altered state of consciousness, you will be able to discover the hidden sources of your defense mechanisms, the strengths and resources that can help you begin the work of healing and transformation.

Travels in the 4 worlds

  • in the Lower World to meet your ally/power animal
  • in the Upper World to meet your spiritual guides
  • in the Middle World to connect you to everything that lives on earth
  • in the World at the Heart of Yourself to meet your inner child and bring together all the parts of yourself.

Energy and vibration treatment accompanied by a free horse

Energy and vibration care is a guided relaxation using the vibration of the drum which will act directly on your body. It invites you to let go and will harmonize your energies and dissolve your blockages, putting back into motion in the body where something has been crystallized, blocked, frozen. The drum puts the energies back into movement, to be able to evacuate what needs to be evacuated, and what remains to be put back into harmony, in its rightful place. This treatment can act on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. The objective is to re-harmonize the flow of energy.

What to expect ?

The EQUITRANSE sessions will begin with an anamnesis around a Tarot reading, where we will define a positive objective and intentions. Sophie will then explain the protocol and the path we are going to take. We will then go and get the mare and sit in the lunging ring.
After a guided relaxation and an energetic and vibrational treatment to let go and release the energies blocked in your body, we will begin the drum journey in one of the 4 Worlds.
The journey to the Drum allows us to explore our unconscious to find answers, resources, strengths, and begin a journey towards a better understanding of Self.
The mare will act as a true partner, she will actively accompany you on your journey. It will connect to your unconscious and will be able to indicate to Sophie the depth of your trance, as well as the different stages of the process: entry into trance, chaos, digestion of information, letting go, return to peace, calm, to harmony.
We will close the session with a quiet time in nature (pencils and paper will be at your disposal to draw or write your experience) and with a time for verbal exchange with Sophie about the experience.

Testimony With your mare Kari and your drum I experienced a journey as powerful as an Ayahuasca ceremony for the messages and guidance, without the fluorescent colors and much clearer... I haven't been through it yet ! It's incredible ! I really had the feeling that I was being “taken” by the horse through my own inner world. Thank you to this BIG heart.”, Corinne December 2023

How long does a session last?

The session lasts between 1h30 and 2h00, or more... In fact, once the process has started you can no longer interrupt it, you have to see it through to the end. So plan the half day free. You can then take a time of meditation with the herd to digest the experience.


Sophie RATY accompanied by her mare Kari des Sources


Tel: 06 11 76 97 18


Energy and vibration care, Journey to the Drum to recirculate the energy within yourself

Possibility of experimenting in the office without a horse if the weather does not allow us to be outdoors.
In the middle of nature in the middle of a lunging ring and with a horse running free.

Energy and vibration treatment with a free-ranging horse

85 the session
from 1h30 to 2h
  • guided relaxation using drum vibration
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95 the 1h30 session
  • Exploration of the unconscious
  • List Item
  • Journey to the drum


120 the session of 2 hours and more
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item

4 EquiTranse sessions EXPLORATION OF THE 4 WORLDS

450 4 sessions of 2 hours
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  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3