Welcome in harmony

a place where you can reconnect to yourself and all kinds of living through the wisdom of horses.

Sophie and all the inhabitants of this place—the four-legged, the standing nation, the crawling nation, the mineral world, and the 4 elements—welcome you to share moments of relaxation, meditation, trance or dream-like states of deep relaxation, connection, teachings and wisdom.

Domain & Gîtes

located in the heart of an area of 40 hectares of woods and scrubland, reconnect with the essentials, alone, as a couple or with friends in one of the 4 gîtes with swimming pool

Sophie Raty

guardian of the place and the herd, discover her journey and her experiences as a facilitator, coach, psychopractitioner and founder of EquiTranse

Our Horses

11 Icelandic horses at liberty to teach us and guide us on the path of healing and resilience

Equine Workshops

unite with yourself and the living: experiences to (re)connect with yourself and all parts of yourself and connect with others other than yourself thanks to the wisdom and teaching of horses


Drum trips & Energy treatments with a free horse

Through sessions in the great outdoors, we explore together your blockages, your desires and your dreams. The horses, sensitive and caring guides, accompany you towards well-being. Let yourself be surprised by the power of this unique connection, and rediscover your deep essence. Together, we open the doors to authentic personal transformation.