Combining the healing power of Gong and Horses: Connection to Self, to horses & Gong Bath

Sunday September 15, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Come and experience a Gong Bath associated with the extraordinary healing power of horses. This energetic and spiritual approach with free-ranging horses strengthens the bond uniting humans, horses and nature. It is an opportunity for healing and harmonization of all planes of Being.

The gong is a powerful tool for reconnection to the Self which invites us to leave the surface to descend into
ourselves in order to heal our soul and heal our body. The traditional gong bath is an ancient
ritual from the Kundalini Yoga tradition of which Yogi Bhajan is one of the masters. The sound of the gong
ability to free ourselves from emotional blockages and to resolve tensions, whether physical or
psychic. It is a deep vibrational bath where each participant has a unique experience. THE
Vibrations permeate every tiny part of your body and stimulate your energy centers. You are
immersed. in the layers of harmonics and guided by the living and vibrant pulsation of the gong.
Why with horses?
Horses are ultra-connected animals. Mirror of our emotions, we also say that they are the mirror of
blade. They will help us to welcome with compassion humility, authenticity and without judgment which
we are, to release our emotions, and to feel the connection of hearts beating in unison.
Sophie, guardian of the herd, will accompany you to live this experience with confidence and
security . No knowledge of horses is necessary to participate.

In the program : Meditation, reconnection to Self, connection to horses and nature, liberation
emotional, sound journey, energetic care, mindfulness, talking circle.

The place : we will welcome you to Domaine Fournery Baraud, a haven of peace and renewal.

Your facilitators:

*David Taieb : multi-instrumentalist musician for around thirty years, his passion for research
sound and the growing desire to heal through sound led him little by little towards energetic practice and
vibration of the gong.
*Sophie Raty : psychopractitioner in transpersonal therapy facilitated by the horse
*the 11 therapy horses of Domaine Fournery – Baraud








Rate : from 55 €
A box will be made available allowing you to make a conscientious donation to the Domaine's horses.
These donations will be used for the well-being of the horses (Shiatsu session, osteopathy, natural trimming, etc.)
Registration: from Sophie RATY on 06 11 76 97 18 or by email:,
If you are interested, we suggest you register without delay as places are limited.

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